This demo has many stages to help give the feeling of how a painting comes together.


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Gazing Cheetah

Please just scroll down to follow each stage of the demo

This young Cheetah is gazing up from his feed as it was startled. Found this image on the wed and decided to reproduce it, but enhance some of the lovely colours to the fur.

The quick sketch theory

I find if I draw free hand quickly my first brush strokes are close to correct, if any changes are needed, they will be only minor.

My theory is once you have the confidence to draw. You draw a straight line easy. But draw it slowly and it might be wonky, if draw it quickly and you have a straight line.

A different technique

I'm using pure oil colours with no added oil mixes, just a little touch of thinners now and then to help the flow, so when I brush the colour on I scrub it in so I have plenty of colour but little paint.

First I use a little lamp black with blue around the neck, ear & top of head. Cad yellow mixed with a touch of white to start the face detail with blue/white hints on the fur & a touch of Chrome green in some of the shadows. I'm happy with the composition. 


Carrying on with the head detail I add some Burnt Sienna to the top of his/her nose. Looking good so far.
I getting a good feel for this image its going to be one of my best wildlife painting to date along with the Lazy Chimp. I finish my first session on the fur and leave to dry for a few days.
I add a grassy back drop this will be the under colour of the grass detail which I'll add later.
The painting now dry. First I coat the fur area with a liquid glaze and dry brush most off. This give me a slippery surface to work on and allows my brush strokes to flow with ease. Using the same colours as before I add more shadow and fur detail to the whole image.
I add more detail to the grassy area in the same way I did with the fur. I'll leave the painting to dry and work on it this coming weekend.

Well did not manage to work on it that weekend so sorry about the delay on uploading of this final image. As you can see a lot more fur detail work has been added and the enhanced colours work really well. The eyes have turned out really good, notice that touch of light sky blue to his left eye. Its these little things that help add to an image. The added grass detail make the grass look busy.

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