This Chimp demo has many stages to help give a feeling of how a painting comes together.


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Lazing Chimp


This young Chimp is lazing around and the camera has capture a human looking glance from him. I'll try to capture this or may enhance the moment of the image.

A different technique

I'm using pure oil colours with no added oil mixes, just a little touch of thinners now and then to help the flow, so when I brush the colour on I scrub it out thin, but the colour is still strong.

First I use lamp black with hints of blue around the body area. Chrome orange mixed with a touch of black to start the face detail with blue/white hints on the high light areas. I'm happy with this composition.

Still working on the detail to the top eye area and around the nose. The under paint is still wet but thin enough so my dark detail work, mixes and blends well.
His left arm look a short so I extend it a bit and now work on the chin, cheek and lips in dark drtail.
I put more detailed lines of dark on the skin texture on the face and then add the lighter tones. These looks like too much  detailed but I will be blending and  smoothing out this with with a dry brush soon.
Sorry not the best of photos. I work on the hand and fur detail and after smoothing out the detailed lines to the face, I add some lighter hints of colour like blues, oranges, yellows & greens to the face and blend. I now add a grassy back-drop, it looks messy now, but when I add a hint of detail later you'll see little of this backdrop. The paint needs to dry for a few days.

Not a bad digital photo here (night time photo). All I've done, is put in some grass detail here. I coated the whole grass area with different mixtures here and there of Burnt Sienna, Lamp Black sap Green & Chrome Yellow. A touch of Coerulsum Blue, this blue does not show but it helps to balance the painting. I left it to dry for a few days.
Day time photo (too red). I coat the Chimp with a very thin coat of liquid clear (liquin & linseed 50/50) this allows my brush stroke to flow easy. I worked on the dark fur adding some colour to give some contrast within the fur. Now I add some finer detail to the face, working on the eyes mouth and chin and finally I finish the arm and hand over the head. I'll add some detailed grass in the fore ground once the image has dried.



Good photo. (colour almost true to painting). I added some fur highlights and fore ground grass detail. Very happy with the painting not so happy with the photo's colour but the best yet.

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