This Sheltie demo has many stages to help give a feeling of how a painting comes together.

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I quickly sketch the shape of the Sheltie dog using a brush and add the first undertone colours making sure they flow in the same direction as the fur.. I use these colours, Yellow Ochre, Cad Orange, White and Lamp Black. All thinned a bit with white spirits. This will dry within a day or two.


I now put a second coat of tones on and adding a bit more detail. The eyes nose and ears are all looking OK. I'm like the colours here so I'll do the backdrop in a much lighter tone of them. Leave to dry for a few days.


Great, it's dried within two days, I'm eager to crack on with the fur detail as I can see in my minds eye this painting could turn really nice. I coat the whole image with a thin coat of clear liquid. This will help my brush control on the fur detail. Using the same selection of colours I work on the Sheltie's right side first.

 Now adding the fur detail to the left. I'm more than pleased with the progress of this image and will finish it off within the next several days.

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