Adam's Eve

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Here I'm trying to show what might be the first sexual thought. Eve is innocently stretching for the forbidden fruit as Adam is quietly collecting them of the ground. While he takes a bite from the forbidden fruit his glance catches Eve's shapely round curving body naturally flowing in front of him, inside he feels a  chemistry that changes his manhood.


Title: Adam's Eve, Medium: Oils, Size: 840mmx1200mm, Painted: 1993, Surface: Canvas.


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Original: 8500

Printed Copy's: Size 300x200mm (A4) = 5.00 or 400x300mm (A3) = 8.00 plus post. 

Limited 1st edition signed copy's: Size 300x200mm (A4) = 15.00 or 400x300mm (A3) = 18.00 plus post.





Adam's Eve sketches

 While playing cards I was doodling, thinking what was that first sexual thought like. If it was Adam and Eve then maybe it was like this image.  From this doodle, I sketched a few images, when I was happy I put my idea to paint.


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