Angel Hunter


This image is about pain. We have the angel hunter, a sinner who was given two choices by the devil. Choice one, he becomes an angel hunter and go up into the heights and shoot down the angels. Choice two, stay here down below and suffer physical pain. He decided the first and as you can see from his mask of sadness he is suffering emotional pain. We all know that physical pain just goes away in time but emotional pain stays with us forever.  


 Title: Angel hunter, Medium: Oils, Size: 505x760mm, 

Painted: 1995, Surface: Canvas.

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Original: £3000.00

Printed Copy's: Size 300x200mm (A4) = £5.00 or 400x300mm (A3) = £8.00 plus post. 

Limited 1st Edition signed copy's: Size 300x200mm (A4) = £15.00 or 400x300mm (A3) = £18.00 plus post. 


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by Gail Wakeham

The Devil gave him a choice stay, or you can go.

Up there to be my hunter and leave Hell far below.

To shoot all heavens angels, thatís the price you have to pay.

He thought it would be easy, not thinking forever and a day.

So he started shooting angels and yes he brought them down.

Then he had to watch them dying, below him on the ground.

Now the torment and the pain is etched upon his face.

The angels fall is swift their dust flows out to space.

His arrows hit their mark to maim them is his task.

The shame he tries to hide is there upon his mask.

He doesnít want to do this but he hasnít any choice.

For all his sins on earth he must heed the Devils voice.

If he had know what punishment was his alone to bear.

Heíd have taken time to learn and show that he could care.

But the pact he made was binding thereís no way out at all.

Now all he does is watch, helpless as they fall,

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