The Sketch

Beast within


Everyone at some time will or have lost control of their beast within. My own experience was in my second year of senior school, two older boys constantly bullied me, until one day I just snapped and the beast within tried to kill both boys, even when they were bleeding the beast still kicked, punched and scratched while two teachers tried to peel me off the boys.



Title: Beast within, Medium: Oils, Size: 505x640mm, 

Painted: 1993, Surface: Canvas.

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Printed Copy's: Size 300x200mm (A4) = 5.00 or 400x300mm (A3) = 8.00 plus post. 

Limited 1st Edition signed copy's: Size 300x200mm (A4) = 15.00 or 400x300mm (A3) = 18.00 plus post. 


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By Gail Wakeham


Everyone has a temper,

Or so we've all been told,

But you try not to show it,

We must stay in control,

Sometimes we start to lose it,

The rage begins to be,

The beast within is angry,

Now he's out and free


Beast within sketch study 1

One quick sketch is all that's needed to capture this idea. The feeling of this uncontrollable beast within us. Next was to put this image into colour. Sorry the sketch is not more detailed but I was keen on painting it in oils and never got around to putting pencil to paper to finish it. Maybe one day.


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