Death fight


A fight to the death. This battle seems pointless. That guy is going to lose, so why not just give up? Well I think life is so precious to him he's going to fight death with all his life.


Title: Death fight, Medium: Oils, Size: 400x505mm, Painted: 1993, Surface: Canvas.

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by Gail Wakeham.


The beast and I are fighting,

A battle to the death,

Iím using all my strength,

But feel thereís nothing left,

From somewhere deep inside me,

I feel a power surge,

To fight with all my might,

And continue with the purge,

A brutal confrontation

As we go head to head,

Hereís hoping Iím triumphant,

And the beast will end up dead.


Death fight sketches


From an idea to a scribble to a sketch to a painting, this shows you the process from start to finish of this image. Each idea or image gives me a little more in understanding many things about the creativity of art. As you can see the scribble say's as much if not more than the finished painting, because the scribble allows the viewer to imagine his/her own version of the idea.


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