Judgment Day


Chaos everywhere, people stepping over people trying to grip the Angel's tail, Demons take their quota of people down to the depths of eternal torment, Angels swooping down to see who deserves to be carried off into the bright lights of goodness


Title: Judgment Day, Medium: Oils, Size: 963x1300mm

Painted: 1992, Surface: Canvas.


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By Gail Wakeham

Judgment day has come to sort out bad from good,

Confusion, chaos and bedlam, no one understood,

All sins of man is damning and change it is to late,

The pasts come back to haunt them, now they meet their fate,

Fire and hell is flaming damnation is running rife,

The demons have all risen to claim another life,

Angels are above them and swoop to take good souls,

Away from all the carnage beneath them, down below,

They must try to help and fly them on their way,

But only all the righteous the evil must all stay,





This is the sketch that sparked off the idea for Judgment day. I was practicing from muscle books to try and learn about the lumps and bumps on the human body. Then I put the books aside and casually sketched this figure from memory. On looking at him I wondered, what's he doing? Stretching to grip a tree root to save his life, because he has fallen over a cliff edge.

"Nooooo"  he's trying to grip an angels tail to save his sinful live at the day of judgment. 


!!!Walla!!! I now had this amazing image of chaos to produce. To see all the sketches involved in this image please scroll down.


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