Pathway from hell

Sketch view

If there is a pathway to hell?, then there must be a pathway from hell. This is my idea of what it may look like. Away in the distance you see someone fighting a demon, if he wins that fight he must face the next three demons before he makes his way out through the skull, looking at this last demon and his trophies I don't rate his chances.


Title: Pathway from hell, Medium: Oils, Size: 707x505mm, Painted: 1993.

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Copy's: Size 300x200mm (A4) = 5.00 or 400x300mm (A3) = 8.00 plus post. 

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by Gail Wakeham


The pathway from hell is a long one

With many battles along the way

But I will fight so bravely to see the light of day

I must face all these Demons; tis' heaven I want to go

Up there amongst the angels, and leave hell far below.


Pathway from hell sketches


Top sketched study in pencil, ready to paint in Oils. The head sketch was detailed work to see the demon face  and then I decided to see the effect in the colour red so I painted the water colour study. On completion of these studies I was happy to start the Oil painting.


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