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This very powerful image came about early one morning just as I was opening my eyes from a nice sleep, I saw these snarling teeth. My imagination seen this image. In reality it was just my black Labrador yawning right in front of me. Eyes half asleep and the light of dusk gave my imagination a field day.


Title: Snarl, Medium: oils, Size 605x455mm, Painted: 1994 

Surface: Canvas.

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Copy's: Size 300x200mm (A4) = £5.00 or 400x300mm (A3) = £8.00 plus post. 

Limited 1st edition signed copy's: Size 300x200mm (A4) = £15.00 or 400x300mm (A3) = £18.00 plus post. 

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by Gail Wakeham.  


Waking up from a restless night,

Eyes half closed, What a terrible fright,

That dog of mine was by my side,

All teeth and drool mouth open wide,

I looked across at his snarling face,

With pounding heart and a pulse that raced,

The rising Sun at the break of morn,

I sighed, heís stretching, itís only a yawn.



Snarl sketch

I sketched this as soon as I could, after the dog woke me up. A pretty gruesome sight to see. Remember it's just a bit of paper and pencil. Thank you to Pepi (my dog)


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