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I was commissioned to do a oil painting reproduction of a scene from the The Of The Rings film, The Fellowship Of The Ring. Please scroll down to enjoy the demo of the painting process.

Day 1: I'm working straight onto a white canvas. Using a thin mix of Burn Umber, I quickly sketch in the composition. Normally you would have the main focus just off centre but this image needs to portray a huge feel and this is best achieve by centralising the statues.

Working out the colours; Day has just broken, shadows will be at their morning height and the light is bouncing all about. I wanted to allow colour to show through these shadows, like reflective light within their shades. So my dark undertones had plenty of colours. The statues have a bluish green tones. The sky has a freshness of daylight coming from the left.

Day 2: I continue the undertones to the right hand side and the river, adding the distant mountains in the centre. I add some detail to the mountain on our left.

Continuing the detail work on the left statue, blending the drapery with plenty of reflective light within the shadow area.
Day 3: I give the left side a break and work on the right putting in the semi light mountain area in working on the detail of the second statue keeping the same affect in the shadows and adding some river detail too.
Day 4: I work on forming the sky trying to give a feeling of morning light. I'll leave this and work more on the blue & clouds to the sky when dry. I add some more detail to the distant mountains and put in the three boats.
Day 5: I work the rock detail on the right mountain and most of the flowing river some detail to the left mountain too.
Day 6 & 7 Manage to get a lot of work done to complete this image. Worked on the finer detail to the boats added more rippling to the water. put the finishing detail to the statues around the head and arms. High lighted the mountains on both sides and over painted the sky once more. Below we have detailed areas for your viewing.
Detail on the three boats and people.
Detailed view of the first statue.
Detail of the second statue.

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